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* Browse the NIGP Commodity Codes database for help in selecting the appropriate category codes below.

01 - Administrative¸ Financial¸ and Management Services
02 - Agricultural Equipment and Related Products and Services
03 - Arts¸ Crafts¸ Entertainment¸ Theatre
04 - Automotive Products¸ Vehicles¸ and Services
05 - Building Equipment¸ Supplies¸ and Services
06 - Clothing¸ Textiles¸ Laundry Equipment¸ and Supplies
07 - Communication Equipment and Services
08 - Computers¸ Software¸ Supplies¸ and Services
09 - Food¸ Equipment¸ and Related Services
10 - Furnishings and Related Services
11 - Furniture and Related Services
12 - Hardware¸ Related Equipment¸ and Services
13 - Highway Road Equipment¸ Materials¸ and Related Equipment
14 - Janitorial and Cleaning Equipment¸ Supplies¸ and Services
15 - Laboratory Equipment¸ Supplies¸ and Services
16 - Maintenance and Repair of Equipment
17 - Medical Equipment¸ Supplies¸ and Services
18 - Miscellaneous Commodities and Services
19 - Office Supplies¸ Related Items¸ and Services
20 - Paper¸ Printing Equipment¸ and Related Products and Services
21 - Personal Products¸ Equipment¸ and Services
22 - Public Works¸ Park Equipment¸ and Construction Services
23 - Rental and Leasing Services
24 - Safety and Protection Equipment and Related Services
25 - School and Library Equipment¸ Supplies¸ and Services
26 - Sporting¸ Athletic¸ and other Outdoor Equipment and Services
27 - Testing and Sampling Equipment and Services
28 - The Trades: Electrical¸ Engineering¸ HVAC¸ Plumbing¸ and Welding
29 - Transit Equipment and Related Services¸ Mass
30 - Water and Sewer Treatment Equipment¸ Supplies¸ and Services
31 - Environmentally Certified Products
32 - Higher Education

It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to obtain all Formal Bid Packages and information, prepare their bid according to all instructions and return to Clerk of the Board of Freeholders prior to the bid opening at the time and place specified in the specifications. Click Here to cancel.